This is the last page of the Internet.

Congratulations. You found it.


 Road to the last page of the internet








Further searching is not necessary.












THIS IS THE END. There is no more.



















Didn’t you believe me?

If you’re still on this page scrolling down, you need to stop.

This is it. This is the end. This is the last page of the internet.






























Quit scrolling!

You need to stop it right now.



















This is not what you should be doing.

Go no further!





























I mean it, STOP!
















Get back to work NOW!



























OK, I was just testing you.

That was not the real end.




















This is the real end.
































You couldn’t resist could you?














I can’t believe you’re still doing it.




















Do you think you might be addicted to wasting your precious time

doing this kind of internet stuff? Really, THIS IS THE END.

You need to get back to work now.



















































Stop Now. I’m serious. You are way too compulsive about reading all this.

You have priority-setting issues. You need to learn to focus.





















Don’t you see that you have a problem if you’re scrolling way down here?

Follow my advice and get back to work. You’ll feel better right away.















You obviously need help.

















You shouldn’t be reading this far.















You really do have a problem.

















Admit it and deal with it.



















If you are still on this page you must be in denial about your problem.

You’ve got to face up to it and deal with it before it takes over all your time.



















Reclaim what’s left of your life.

Stop scrolling right now and click here to improve your time management and get back into the Internet and learn to improve your time management skills.



















There is nothing else after this. This is it.































This is the end of the last page of the Internet.













































Quit scrolling!














It must be obvious to you by now that you

REALLY, REALLY need help right away.
























Your journey to find the end of the last page of the Internet is over.

You’ve finally found it, and now it’s time to move on.








I care about you and want to help you. You’ve got to get off this page right now. You know it’s the right thing to do.















 I’ll make it simple for you. Here’s a place to go for help: 





Get help for your problem right now. You’ll feel better once you do.





There is no more after this. Honest. This is it.  Hope you get well soon. Goodbye.


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